Infrastructure Security Engineer

About PayPay

PayPay is a fintech company that has grown to over 55M users since its launch in 2018. Our team is hugely diverse with members from over 50 different countries. To build "PayPay", we allied with Paytm; the biggest payment service company in India. Based on their customer-first technology, we created and expanded the smartphone payment service in Japan.Our biggest competitor is "cash". We seek people who can accept this challenge positively, brush up the product at a tremendous speed, and promote PayPay with professionalism and passion.

Job Description

The PayPay Product Security team is looking for experienced infrastructure security engineers to lead improvements to our infrastructure and operational security, and introduce key security solutions, such as SOAR.

PayPay Product Security team is responsible for driving the application security and infrastructure security changes within the product division - the part of PayPay responsible for development and operations of the PayPay app. A strong candidate for the infrastructure security engineer position will be knowledgeable about modern infrastructure solutions (such as Kubernetes, various public clouds and their services, SQL and no-SQL databases, ElasticSearch, message brokers and so on), security challenges and threats relevant to them, and have experience in one of the following areas:

  • Leading projects to improve infrastructure security at scale (e.g. introducing role-based access control, hardening K8s configurations, introducing temporary access credentials for database access, and so on)
  • Introducing and improving security orchestration and automation, as well as solution to gather, store and analyze security events and assets

Primary Responsibilities

  • Analyzing security risks relevant to the production infrastructure
  • Designing security measures for the product infrastructure environment
  • Implementing and running security solutions (SIEM, vulnerability management, network security, cloud security, container security, etc.)
  • Improve security incident handling within product division
  • Improving observability and monitoring for security information and events
  • Assisting infrastructure teams in prioritizing security goals

Supporting Responsibilities

  • Assisting infrastructure teams in implementing and running secure solutions
  • Participating in major infrastructure projects as a security expert


  • 3+ years of infrastructure security or security operations experience
  • Experience working with cloud- and microservice-based systems
  • Experience leading projects in at least one of the following areas: SIEM, vulnerability management, SOAR, network security, IAM, incident management
  • Extensive knowledge of IT infrastructure (TCP/IP, networks, servers, authentication, directory services, endpoint management)
  • Strong teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others in a diverse environment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Development and/or data analytics experience
  • Experience introducing/developing SOAR and SIEM systems at scale
  • Experience working in a security position within the fintech industry

PayPay 5 senses

  • Please refer PayPay 5 senses to learn what we value at work.

Working Conditions 

Employment Status

  • Full Time

Office Location

  • WFA(Work From Anywhere at Anytime)  
  • Remote Job 
  • You can live anywhere in Japan 

Work Hours

  • Super Flex Time (No Core Time)
  • In principle, 10:00am-6:45pm (actual working hours: 7h45m + 1h break)


  • Every Sat/Sun/National holidays (In Japan)/New Year's break/Company-designated Special days

Paid leave

  • Annual leave (up to 14 days in the first year, granted proportionally according to the month of employment. Can be used from the date of hire)
  • Personal leave (5 days each year, granted proportionally according to the month of employment)*PayPay's own special paid leave system, which can be used to attend to illnesses, injuries, hospital visits, etc., of the employee, family members, pets, etc.


  • Annual salary paid in 12 installments (monthly)
  • Based on skills, experience, and abilities
  • Reviewed twice a year
  • Special Incentive once a year *Based on company performance and individual contribution and evaluation
  • Late overtime allowance, Work from anywhere allowance (JPY100,000)


  • Social Insurance (health insurance, employee pension, employment insurance and compensation insurance)
  • 401K
  • Language Learning support
  • Translation/Interpretation support
  • VISA sponsor + Relocation support

Other Information:

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